Howard Schultz

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Howard Schultz
Howard Schultz was born to a German-Jewish family on July 19, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, the son of ex-US Army trooper and then truck driver Fred Schultz, and his wife Elaine.With his younger sister, Ronnie, and brother, Michael, he grew up in the Canarsie Bayview Housing Projects. As Schultz's family was poor, he saw an escape in sports such as baseball, football, and basketball. He went to Canarsie High School, from which he graduated in 1971. In high school, Schultz excelled at sports and was awarded an athletic scholarship to Northern Michigan University – the first person in his family to go to college. A member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Schultz received his bachelor's degree in Communications in 1975. After he graduated from university, Howard Schultz entered Xerox’s New York office as a salesman. But soon, he switched to an Swedish kitchenware company, to become become the company’s vice president of U.S. On occasion, he found a small company called "Starbucks" where he purchased a lot of coffeemakers.He was very curious,so he went to Seattle to have a look at this company. Soon, Schultz realized his career will be binded with coffee. At that time, Starbuck is a small coffee company which was founded in 1971, it just have four subbranch in U.S. When Schultz came, Starbucks was only focused on selling high-quality coffee beans, it never thought about providing beverage service. After entering Starbuck, he tried to persuade the owners (including Jerry Baldwin) to offer traditional espresso beverages in addition to the whole bean coffee, leaf teas and spices they had long offered. After a successful pilot of the cafe concept, the owners refused to roll it out company-wide, saying they didn't want to get into the restaurant business. Frustrated, Schultz started his own coffee shop in 1985, named 'Il Giornale' after the Milanese newspaper. Two years later, the original Starbucks management decided to focus on Peet's Coffee & Tea and sold its...
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