How I Would Be Bringing Back the Islamic Architecture

Topics: Architecture, Past, Time Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Just like the revivalism has an intention to refer back to the past, trying to bring it back, I would recall the period between the sixth century A.D. and the fourteenth. My architecture in emphasis would be the Islamic Architecture. Although it is still present, it has lost many of its originality in identity as it was influenced by modernism. Thus, I would bring it back in its fullest original identity without depriving it from the evolutionary touch of recent technology. My reason behind it would be to revive the auto-sustainable systems used by the Islamic architecture’s traditional design. Besides, its intricate ornamental beauty, forms, shapes and space creation is prodigious and nowadays generations deserve to enjoy living in it as a life definer rather than a forgotten past. Moreover, the influence it could impact the general public along with its reflection on people’s intuition can be having a positive impact on the society, introducing the friendly and family warmth in the middle of a fast pasted world of materialism.

I would bring it back by implementing mosaic based ornaments in the bellow portions of the walls of regular interior spaces, but this time while introducing an industrial resolution in manufacturing the little pieces. Simultaneously, maintaining intricate geometric decorations in the roof using the different techniques like the honeycomb volts, gypsum, and sculpting. On the exterior, I would keep the root ratio and proportion of the façade in addition of the conservation of main Islamic arch signature as the horse shoe and the pointed arch. In addition, I would definitely use the smart sustainable design systems which it delivers through the use of rammed earth technique which provides self air conditioning with its condensation/evaporation temperature reaction due to its adaptive relation to the exterior. With that, calculations of air flow circulations which work jointly with the implementation of such sustainable materials is...
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