How I Learned to Love Football

Topics: Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, National Football League Most Valuable Player Award Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: November 6, 2012
In Felisa Roger’s article How I Learned to Love Football, Roger discussed how her dislike for sports changed all together with when she had a reason to care about it more. She provided a great background when explaining why she changed her mind about disliking sports, and used a great variety of detail while explaining it. She talked about how as she was growing up she had a strong dislike of all sports. She talked about how she was never good at playing any sports in gym class and always hated it when she actually had too. Her family didn’t like sports either so they didn’t blame her for disliking them and never being on a sports team while in school. At the school she first attended, sports had been a ticket to popularity, needless to say her social life suffered severely. She also discussed how watching sports on the television or even live were extremely boring to her because she did not understand what was going on during the game. However, when she was a sophomore in high school she moved to a bigger town and bigger school where not everyone cared about sports so she felt like it wasn’t a big deal for once. She didn’t have to worry about anything that had to deal with sports until she dated a guy in her early 20’s that was an Atlanta Falcons fan. She realized that when watching football games on television, it was a good time for social opportunities and drinking beer. After the game would end though her boyfriend at the time would always try to discuss the game with her and she ended up finding it really irritating because she didn’t actually care about what was going on.

They didn’t end up lasting, but she thought she had at least expanded her ability of watching sports a little bit from dating him. This was until she dated/married a Green Bay packers fan. They had everything in common when they first started dating besides the fact that he was a major football fan. After a while they developed problems in their relationship because he...
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