How I Decided to Become a Marine Biologist

Topics: Marine biology, Beach, Ocean Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: January 10, 2013
How I decided to become a marine biologist.
People go to university for many reasons; my reason was founded in looking into rock pools at the Browns Bay beach and wanting to know more about the deep blue wonder, I built sand castles at the beach in the shape of sharks and crabs; watching documentaries and volunteering at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre all of which led me to become a marine biologist.

So my journey begins in Auckland; every summer we would pack up the car and go to Brows Bay beach for the weekend; me, mom, dad and my brothers and sisters. At the beach I always headed right straight to the rock pools; after mom said I could. Sometimes they would be kind of empty, just a few barnacles, and muscles, then other times there would be lots of pools full of hermit crabs, glass shrimp and sea anemones. I would turn over a rock and there would be Triple Fins and Red Rock Crabs; which were always a bit hard to pick up. After I would be done there, I would go make sand castles out of what I’d found, like making Red Rock Crabs, and using shells to make the claws more real and putting stones were the eyes would be, but always I built a shark, mostly a Great White in their they are just amazing, this is where the first spark on the road to marine biology was trigged.

When I would get home I loved to watch documentary’s such as “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel and the “Deep Blue” on BBC, fascinated me. For example, watching sharks jumping out of the water as they caught seals that they had been watching and stalking; but the thing that made me fascinated was there power, these are two tonnes five metres animal lunching themselves out of the water and then crashing back in like a kid doing a bomb in the pool, and there was only one place in the world that this happened and that’s off the coast of South Africa. On BBC, “Deep Blue” showed me was the detail and diversity in the ocean, it amazing to the point where while filming they discovered a whole...
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