How I Can Change the World Essay

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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Their feet stamp down on the ground, their laughter is like music, cheers ad squeals as they continue to play. Then, one day they're gone. The children of today don't always get to have fun and be free-spirited anymore, many are forced to work and receive no kindness at all. We need to protect and care for the local children, the less fortunate children, we need to raise awareness, money hopes and dreams. If we don't care for children now, how can they be the leaders of tomorrow?

The issue of child welfare (local in this specific topic) has been around for quite a while, but simply there are easy ways to step up and move forward. Little things like standing up for others and addressing the public can really help. People all around the world have already started. Viral videos, commercials, posters... It's up to us to continue. It's as easy as starting awareness activities or creating your own media. Standing up for others can help too. If the world works together, we might on day eliminate bullying and harassment.

Less fortunate children are more vulnerable than we could ever imagine. That's why we need to help them. Many children now-a-days are under the protection of sponsor programs, like World Vision, or in orphanage care. In today's society, supplies are getting more and more expensive. It's getting harder and harder for organizations to support all the children. That's where the rest of the world comes in. We can donate money (and/or time) to these organizations. Some people don't understand just how much organizations appreciate the donations of society. Wether five dollars or five thousand dollars, we are helping support the lives of many children.

When you raise money and other vitals, it really benefits the children that receive it and fund-raisers can be so easy. There are many different kinds of fund-raisers, like food drives and different kinds of sales. A lot of schools now participate in food drives like Free The Children's Halloween For...
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