How I'Ve Changed over the Past Year

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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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How I Have changed over the past year?

Humans are as changeable as the weather. Or perhaps a more frequent changer. And being one myself I’m no different. Every night when I look back to the previous day I see no change. But when I look back to the year that has just passed, I do see the difference. The experiences I went through changed me to a better or may be something close to a reformation. Nevertheless I’m not the same anymore

I was always known to be short-tempered and egoistic. But last year one incident really changed the way I was and thought. My sudden fluctuations in temper made me lose a lot of friends and the loneliness I was in taught me to be more friendly and patient. My friends always knew how to react to my rudeness but unfortunately I forgot my new friends were not accustomed to it.

I met some buddies in a friend’s birthday party, last year, who were more than just casual acquaintances. One of them dropped coke over my new silk dress and that did it! I started yelling at her without noticing I am ruining the party. To my surprise the girl started crying and ran away while I was left standing clueless. The birthday boy came up and said “I think you better go wash yourself, Sunnu, before the spots get dry. I’ll call you later.”

He never called and probably would not have if I had not met him in a mall a few days later. “Yes, I didn’t. But neither did you.” He answered when I asked why he did not call. “But you said ‘you’ will call.” “Yes, but don’t you think you were at fault and should have taken the first step and said sorry?” I was very confused. I did not know what he meant. Why should ‘I’ be sorry? It was ‘her’ fault, not mines.

But now I know why he did not. I was too egoistic to even think of being sorry, let alone saying it. She did a mistake unintentionally, but I did a bigger mistake by not doing what I should have done – forgive and forget. I realized this when one day one of my friends told me “Sunnu, you never accept...
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