How a Ups Manager Cut Turnover

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Question 1

Roeder wanted to reduce turnover because it was out of control when she first got their so it was costing the company more money by hiring new part time employees with high pay with benefits. After Roeder’s program she cut her districts attrition from 50% to 6% and lower hiring cost close to $1 million.

Question 2
By applying all the different changes made to the company with just a short time such as giving them quicker and easier access to all the information, comfortable break room for staff, higher pay with benefits, financial aid to help with school. Also making the part time workers supervisors.

Question 3

Katriona found that college students were most interested in building new skills that could apply later in their careers. She offered them Saturday classes for computer skills as well as career planning discussions. She also made the environment more comfortable for her employees as they were intimidated by the huge warehouse so she improved lighting and a new break room with a friendly atmosphere. Supplied more computers for quicker and easier access. Also made shift supervisiors into trainers for the new part time employees.

Question 4

It would be more unethical if your supervisor did not take interest in there workers as individuals. You want to know your co workers and them know you as a person. It keeps the employees motivated. It is a great management technique.

Question 5

Roeder reviewed all the database of information that UPS had on her district’s employees. The information concluded she had 5 districts sorted by ages and stages in careers. They all had different needs and interests.
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