How a Teacher Made a Difference

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How a Teacher Made a Difference
Everyone has that one teacher that they admired so much or made an enormous difference in their life. My teacher would have to be my high school orchestra teacher; his name is mr----. He helped me become a much better musician. Whenever I was struggling with a piece of music, he would take his time to help me in that section. With all his help, I became such a good player that I was placed as first chair for two years in a row! Of course, being first chair and all, you have to be a good leader to lead the section. At first, it was something that I struggled with, but Mr. Carpenter helped me do that as well by telling me how to handle many different situations.

He was the only person that believed in me and my music. He believed that I was so good that I could do anything. All the years that I have been playing, I have been going to Solo and Ensemble. Every year I would go to Merrit Island and play a solo or a duet with my best friend and get judged in front of judges. Every one of those years that I have done it, I have gotten a superior rating (which is the highest rating you can get). Before, I could not play in front of a crowd of people. Mr.----- helped me get over my stage fright. He told me that I should just go out there and do the best that I can do and that it did not matter what anyone else would think. With that, I stopped becoming nervous when I would go up on stage and I performed much better. I was so over my stage fright that one of our deans asked my friend and I to perform at her daughter’s wedding and we did! I felt so achieved after that.
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