How a Rumor Spreads

Topics: Emotion, Effect, Affect Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: December 11, 2011
American Literature 7             Tucker Wilson “Rumors” Essay Type #4      November 16, 2011
What is a Rumor?
According to, a rumor is a “story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts. In the one of the stories we read, “The Rumor” this is true. However in "The Rumor is True," the definition of a rumor is different. This rumor was true and the story hints that there were facts behind the rumor. Rumors can have major affects on people including myself. Also many dictionaries disagree on exactly what a rumor is.

First of all, rumors can have a major affect on people. For example, in "The Rumor was True" the rumor that was spread around hurt another person emotionally throughout her whole year as a seventh grader. The rumor caused her to be embarrassed and teased because she was always the blunt end of a joke. Although, once Mike realized that this was disappointing his role model and hurting another he immediately ceased his teasing. His actions had effected her as who she was as person, what she had done, and how she had spent her life in seventh grade.

Furthermore, in my life I have had rumors spread about me. Although at first I had let this rumor effect my life by letting others embarrass me, I know now to just laugh it off or joke about it too because I know it's not true. Nowadays I think it's comical and immature that people spread things around and waste their time to put down another person, when clearly you can tell that the people spreading it have self image problem they are hiding. I have learned a lesson about not believing things you hear or read without facts because usually stories are exaggerated to help make interest in the story.

Moreover, the definitions of a rumor differ on one major thing. Some dictionaries say that a rumor is something that's made up and is not true. However others state that rumors can be true, they just don't have facts to...
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