How a Microwave Works

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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How a Microwave Works
By Zach Betten



What is a Microwave?
       A microwave oven or microwave is a kitchen appliance that cooks or heats food by using electromagnetic waves. This happens by using microwave radiation to heat materials such as water and other things within the food. This leads to food being more evenly heated throughout.             Basic microwave ovens heat food quickly and efficiently. One setback is that they do not brown or bake food in the way conventional ovens do. This makes cooking certain foods impossible to do in this type of oven.             Microwaves heat foods containing water, sugars, and fats. They do not heat glass, paper, or plastic food containers. So microwaves are very energy efficient; they don't waste energy heating everything in the oven.  

1) Electromagnetic waves.
            One input that helps make microwaves work are electromagnetic waves to cook food. Electromagnetic waves are energy waves that travel at the speed of light. Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic wave that is non-ionizing. That means that they affect molecules by heating them up, not by changing the structure of their molecules. When the waves enter the microwave, the heating up starts. So that means the input here would be the electromagnetic waves.  

2) Control Sections   
Microwave ovens have two main sections, the control section and the high voltage section. The control section includes a timer, a system to control power output, and safety systems known as interlocks. The high voltage section includes parts that step up the power from the usual household amount of one hundred fifteen volts to a tremendously high three thousand volts! These volts are what starts the heating up that we are so used too.  

3) Electricity   
The process of microwaving food starts when electricity is introduced into the microwave oven through its electric plug. The electricity moves on through...
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