How a Fax Machine Works

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Marquee A. Villanueva

How a Fax Machine Works
It is very typical and practical in an office to have a fax machine. Every time you walk in to an office, you may see one of these machines but have you ever wondered how they work? Have you ever thought, how can a machine transfer information from one phone to another without really sending the original document? Some people might think it’s magic but it is actually not. It is science in use, technology. All of this may sound to high-tech but the first fax machine was actually invented in 1843 by Alexander Bain. Know how they work in the following paragraphs.

The first thing you have to do when using a fax machine is to dial the telephone number of the receiving fax machine. Then put the document with the print facing outward in the machine feeder tray. Then there would be something called a photo sensor that had a light and lenses which was attached to an arm that faced the document. The arm will move its way down over the document while it revolved on what you call a rotating drum. The photo sensor is able to capture every single bit of the paper even to the smallest spot on it.

These little spots would be recorded as black and white spots of the paper. The blank parts of the paper are recorded as white spots and texts and pictures of the paper are to be the black spots. For the sensor to be able to scan the whole paper, the drum moves downward. Transmitting the information through the phone line is the complicated yet amazing part. It uses the spots recorded by the machine. If the spots of the parts of the paper were white, then it would send a certain tone. Then on the other hand, if the photo sensor determined some parts of the paper as black, it would send another different tone.

On the other line, the one which is receiving the document, before anything else, you have to make sure that there is ink in the cartridge and paper is loaded into the paper tray. The two machines will wait for...
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