How a Broken Famiy Affects a Student's Performance

Topics: Effect, Modern history, Family Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: July 4, 2012

Luigi Boy C. Echica
March 2010

The Family is an essential factor for a human’s whole-being, everything about a man, his background, attitude, all of his achievements, his honor and dignity , relies on the structure of the family a man lives in with. A family is composed of a father a mother and their offspring, bonded by their love for each other. Here in the modern age a family could be two things, complete or broken. A broken family is believed to be a cause of a child’s mislead in life, some people give it as the main reason of the rebellious and unclear acts of children. School, another factor which meld us on becoming successful, but how will it make us successful if we can’t focus, we can’t do schooling like others cause we mind the problems we encounter in our homes. Many articles and support the issue that broken families affect the child’s performance, attitude and self-esteem. They show statistics that broken families affect much of the child’s emotional and spiritual being, that it greatly distresses the child’s education.       The study was conducted on teenagers age 13-16. These ages are the most effective, cause at this age, a person discovers how to confront the problems, and he learns how to live with it. They also establish their own personality at this age, so the researcher took advantage of this factor, because by this, the researcher can see how much a person is affected by this king of problems, if there are other factors which counter the problems he/she faces. Some might use friends and other stuff to forget things and focus on studies.
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