How a Bill Is Passed

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A bill is merely drafted when a member from congress; either a Representative or Senator decides to sponsor an idea. This idea can be suggested from a special interest group, a constituent, a public official, or Governor. The intended purpose for the proposal of a bill is for the advancement of the people, businesses, and organizations, with the backing of a legislator. These ideas are then drafted in a way to clarify the intent and consistency of its delivery. Once the ideas are established in writing the council member introduces the proposed law by filing it with a chamber that has jurisdiction over the specific topic. Committees

As soon as a bill is introduced, it is placed on the committee’s calendar. The bill is examined carefully and the chances of its passage are first determined. Often times a committee takes on general topic bills. If a bill concerns a specific topic it is sent to a subcommittee specializing in the topic for study and hearing. One example would be a subcommittee specializing in military issues like military pay and retirement, requiring this subcommittee to provide their expertise and opinion. A hearing is administered providing public officials, experts, or the executive branch the opportunity to explain the validity of the bill. Following the hearing the committee can “mark up” the bill (make changes or add amendments) prior to voting on the bill to see if it shall proceed to the house. If the committee decides not to hear a bill, or act upon it in some way, the bill “dies”. If the committee agrees upon the bill a report is conducted describing its objective of the legislations. After the bill is reported, committee staff prepares a report on the bill describing the intent and scope of the legislation Floor Action

A bill that is approved by a committee makes its way to the whole House. When the bill reaches the floor of the whole or often referred to as the committee of the whole, the chamber must vote on the rules determining...
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