How a Baby Is Formed

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetus Pages: 1 (450 words) Published: November 1, 2010
The Process in Which a Baby is Formed

The process in which a baby is formed inside a woman’s body is so wondrous and magnificent. There is a somewhat magical way about a woman; to be able to sculpt an organism into a human being is astonishing. Finding out that she is pregnant is and will be one of the most joyous times in her life. Understanding and knowing about the life that is growing inside of her is exciting and utmost fascinating. The following is how the body of a woman molds and forms an embryo into a beautiful baby. There are three trimesters in pregnancy. The first trimester is from the time of conception through the tenth week, also known as the embryonic period. This first trimester is very critical for the baby growing within. First, at five weeks, the brain, heart, lungs, ears, arms and legs are forming. By eight weeks, the fingers are distinct. The last of the first trimester is the tenth week. By now the embryo is known as a fetus and is about four inches long. The face has a human profile and all of the major organs have formed. Next is the second trimester. In this trimester, the fetus will be growing rapidly. The sex of the baby is beginning to show. By the sixteenth week, the fetus is about six inches long and weighs about five ounces. At this time, the fetus will be moving, swallowing amniotic fluid and having periods of sleep and periods of being awake. At thirty six weeks, the baby will have fuzz that covers its body and will weigh about one pound. Towards the end of the second trimester, the baby now weighs three pounds. It can suck its thumb and blink its eyes. If the woman happens to give birth at this time, the baby can survive, only with specialized intensive care. The last is the third trimester. The final trimester marks the period of final growth. During this time, the baby can gain as much as half a pound a week. A woman that has reached this term in pregnancy is called “At Term”. The average baby will weigh about seven and a...
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