How Xerxes Dealt with the Revolts.

Topics: Babylon, Achaemenid Empire, Ancient Egypt Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: August 12, 2011
How did Xerxes deal wit the revolts in the Persian Empire?

One of the great challenges faced by Xerxes during his time as ruler of the Persian Empire, was the method by which the revolts in both Egypt and Babylon would be dealt with. Essentially, he dealt with the revolts in two different ways; firstly using his military force to quickly and decisively quell the revolts; which were followed by either political or administrative reforms (or a combination of both). These methods reflected his ability to administer the grandeur that was Persia.

Following Darius' death, Xerxes was now tasked with quelling the revolt of the Satrapy of Egypt. Cook indirectly implies that this rebellion was instigated due to the raised taxation imposed by Darius, whilst suggesting that the removal of skilled workers, and a corrupt method of Persian administration led to the revolt. Irrespective of the cause, Herodotus accounts for Xerxes quelling of the revolt, noting that: Xerxes sent in an army, crushing the rebellion, reducing the country to a “condition of worse servitude than before” and mentions his brother's appointment as Satrap. Herodotus says that the Egyptians were heavily punished, and evidence can be seen from this coming from the Satrap Stella (311BC), describing the confiscation of the Temple of Bute's land by Xerxes resulting in his subsequent naming as “the wicked man” - however it should be noted that Bresciani states this title actually refers to Artaxerxes III. Herodotus view is further reinforced by the lack of archaeological evidence commissioned by Xerxes within Egyptian lands, lending to his view that the Egyptians were treated harshly by Xerxes. Despite this, it is known that Herodotus has used Egyptian sources in his accumulation of Persian information, from which it can be seen as bias from the Egyptians being reflected in his works. This view is contested by evidence such as the Aqihar Scoll, which states that trade between the two countries flourished...
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