How Will the Increase of Man-Like Robots Affect Human Society and Those Who We Refer to as Human Beings?

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Human, Meaning of life Pages: 7 (2778 words) Published: July 6, 2011
The extent of technological advancements witnessed in the current world has been crucial in the development and maintenance of artificial structures with capabilities that almost resemble that of that of human beings. The advent of high profile technology has been very instrumental in developing and creation of robots and other human like machines with abilities to perform some unique activities. In order to effectively respond to the issue requires a focus on the various developments that have been made in the area of robots creation. The truth of the matter is that there are myriad developments that have been made in the area. Several investigations and developments have been put forward v to bring out clearly the aspect of complete development of robots. The mechanical research being conducted is meant to develop robots which are self-conservative and easily adoptable to traits similar to those of human beings. Thus this investigation will first dwell on the extent of development and what is being done in the process of developing robots. It is important to know the benefits accruing from the use of the artificial intelligence. It is prudent to also look at the negative effects of the use of human-like robots. This particular section ha two major aspects that will need to be effectively discussed and addressed to the letter. The first and probably most important of them is the extent to which the development of human-like robots will benefit human life. Secondly, it will be critical to observe the how the developments of the robots will fit into the natural human society. Thus critical observations and inquisitions will be addressed to find out if the society will offer a room for the robots or not. The most funny and interesting bit of the research will be how it will be like to have the robots obtain their independence from the human man life. This will strive to address the extent of probable competition between the robots and human beings. Nevertheless, the answers to the questions will basically borrow a leaf from the major discussions and clarifications about the development and use of robots. Also it is important to concentrate on the nature of the impacts that may be exhibited by the continued use of robots. Particularly, this part will try to figure out the outcome of the continued use of robots. Thus it will be assessed the extent distortion that will be experienced on the definition of human beings if the robots prevail succeed in taking the position of full pledged human-like operation. Thus it might be anticipated that there will be competition in terms of biology in both human species. Probably, the biological differences that are prevalent are likely to lead to cause a split in the two civilizations. In fact, the nature of the definition to the biological human species is likely to have a difference during that time. Probably, we might have mechanical human beings referring to the robots developed whereas real or biological human beings may mean the opposite (Bobrow, 1994). To this extent, the application of artificial intelligence in the performance of various functions can be said to have led to various debates and discussions about their effectiveness; which has been seen to be have various unreliable aspects as well as successes. The scientific development

The reality about the scientific development of the robots can be attributed to the construction of reality in the robot which is originally inspired by Piaget’s 1937/1954 book which is entitled the construction of reality in the child. Piaget presented his theory of the way children through their interaction with the environment are able to develop their creativity about various objects. The knowledge that the children develop as well as the creativity depicted in various issues is very crucial for their future exploratory capability. The nature of the development that the children acquire is very important as they are able to learn and...
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