How Will Our Understanding of Human Tendencies Help Us in Helping the Child in His Development?

Topics: Adaptation, Human, Life Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Man being a social animal had to depend on each others to supply for their needs. Though the evolution of man had seen numerous changes, the basic needs like looking for food and shelter still remain the same. The basic human tendencies haven't changed though the man have changed a lot from the cave men days to the todays metro man. Nature didn't provide man with an instinctive pattern of life that the animals seems to have been provided with. So man had to adapt himself to whichever environment he is born to or is living in. He then have to work on it and make it comfortable for living. This is the human tendency that Dr. Montessori want to emphasis on. The study of these tendencies help to know the basic behavior of the man and understanding it will help an instructor to know the child better and help him better in the developmental stages of his life. Like mentioned before as the man haven't been provided with clothing or shelter to protect himself from the natural elements, his inborn tendency to explore becomes his greatest aid in the survival along with adapting to his new environment and understanding his new found knowledge. For a child exploring a new environment and adapting to it comes natural but for an adult adaptation has to be done consciously and this second phase needs a lot of effort. So understanding this behavioral tendencies will help a director to prepare himself better in the way he can support a child during the early phases of his development. A child also needs to feel comfortable and secured to have the courage to explore. Being oriented to his environment helps him build that confidence. Continuity and a sense of order is very much needed in a child's life. This helps to build up the security and that will develop familiarity to his surroundings and which will eventually encourage him to explore with confidence and adapt to the new information and knowledge available to him. Understanding a child's basic needs of exploration,...
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