How Were the Pyramids in Giza Constructed?

Topics: Egyptian pyramids, Pyramid, Scientific method Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: May 11, 2013
How were the Pyramids in Giza constructed?
Teresa Walker
Dr. Dwight Webster
Hum 111
Sunday, February 03, 2013

How were the Pyramids in Giza constructed?
There has always been great interest in knowing how the ancient pyramids were built centuries ago. Some of the greatest pyramids are located in Giza, Egypt. One theory, by a man named Dr. Joseph Davidovits, stated that the bricks used to build the pyramids were not carried, but instead the Egyptians carried buckets of slurry, made of lime and a type of concrete to the pyramids and simply poured it into a wooden mold that formed the pyramids bricks. (Davidovits & Morris, 1988) Another theory was made by a historian named Herodotus. Mr. Herodotus stated that the pyramids were constructed in a manner of simply lifting huge bricks, starting from the base, up to the top of the pyramids with levers made of short timbers and rope. (Hodges & Keable, 1993)

Both of these theories sounds relevant to me, and seems to work, but I take more interest in the theory by Mr. Herodotus. One reason I chose this theory is because it clearly explains how the Egyptians got all the bricks to the top of the pyramids by use of levers. A second reason that I chose this theory is because it states how the pyramids were actually constructed brick by brick. In the Davidovatis’ theory, he stated that the brick mix were poured into a mold, but that wouldn’t explain why most of the brick in a pyramid are formed differently, Mr. Herodotus theory does. There are many great theories about the secrets of pyramids. Many people have attempted to provide relevant reasoning to how they were made and why they were constructed to begin with. People has tried to reconstruct the pyramids using their theories but in the end are still baffled. How did they do it? Over all the two theories that I provided are great theories, but both still are simply theories, and the construction of the pyramids still lie as a mystery for all to wonder...
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