How Were Different Groups Treated by the Nazi's in Germany and How Hitler Used the Racism and the Anti-Semitism Against Them.

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  • Published : January 17, 2011
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How were different groups treated by the Nazi’s in Germany and how Hitler used the racism and the anti-Semitism against them. This essay will be on how different minority groups were treated by the Nazis after they came into power in 1933. It will also assess what groups were targeted by the Nazi’s who they sought to be ‘unworthy of life’ and how Hitler used racism and anti-Semitism against them and how they were treated. For example, homosexuals, the disabled and mentally ill, gypsies and finally communists where all targets of the Nazi regime. The worst enemies of Hitler were the Jews as he had strong anti-Semitic views against them as he saw the Jews as an obstacle in his plan to establish his master race. This treatment started in 1933 with moderate policies made by the Nazi’s which were branded as the Nuremburg laws and ended in 1941 with the ‘Final solution’ being put into action which caused the execution of six million Jews, or known as the Holocaust. Throughout Nazi Germany in the period 1928 through to 1941, racism was utilized by Hitler, and in turn his Nazi party, most predominantly to secure Hitler’s position as dictator, and secondly to unite the German people against a common enemy, which would lead to a united powerful state, ready and able to exert its national will. The aims for racial purification and domination over Eastern Europe are made obvious primarily in the racist crude writings of Mein Kampf. His racist and in part incoherent rambling in Mein Kampf underline his ideas of Jews and Bolsheviks as parasites, and maggots eating away at the German people of the racial level of the highest peoples. Hitler's use of racism is continually evident from the beginning of his comings to power. Racism was initially used by Hitler to identify his sympathizers, and most predominant to unite the German people again public internal enemy number one - The Jews. Anti-semitism, anti-communism and attacks on several other minority groups ranging from...
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