How Well Does Tim Hortons Perform on “the Brand Report Card?”

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Discussion Question #4 How well does Tim Hortons perform on “The Brand Report Card?” 1. The brand excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desire 2. The brand stays relevant The benefits that Tim Hortons customers desire is that of valued quality. Tim Hortons consumers are looking for a quality product at a decent price, they want this because most customers frequent on a 1-2x per day basis. Their brand does this, the customer knows that wherever in Canada and the world that they get their coffee, it will be the same tasting. This is because Tim Hortons has spent a lot of money ensuring that the brand they sell is consistent wherever you get it. Tim Hortons advertising has made many switches over the years from portraying good quality ads to now portraying good feelings. They do this to stay on the leading edge. They want to be associated with the good times in peoples lives. Most Canadians have tried Tim Hortons coffee and know it’s quality, Tim Hortons is attempting now to be a part of Canadians lives through the good times and the bad through their feel good commercials. They also add products to their line like healthy wraps to stay on top of trends. Tim Hortons has managed to find a price to which consumers can perceive value. They now adjust yearly for inflation. There is never crazy hikes in prices because they know they have found the happy medium, where quality meets price. Tim Hortons create their points of parity with consumers but have strong points of difference. Their points of parity are their product offerings, which mirror many coffee shops. The key points of difference are their speed, price and quality. If you can picture those three as overlapping circles Tims would be in the middle. Many Tim’s customers are looking for a quick in and out and of course good quality and low price. Tim Hortons sells all the machinery to all the franchises to ensure that the temperature is consistent wherever you go, they even have a cream dispenser to...
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