How Well Does the American Political System Perform?

Topics: Political party, United States Congress, Federal government of the United States Pages: 11 (3689 words) Published: May 11, 2013
How Well Does the American System Perform?

POLS 112 American and California Government

Fall 2012

Professor Michael Latner


Throughout our paper we directly correlate how political parties perform in the current American political system. The performance of the American political system is based off how well different groups come together to form a collective entity. With our country's 225 year history, political parties have become the foundation for citizens involvement in government and have been greatly influenced by lawmaking, elections, and public opinion. Whether it was the unanimous election of George Washington in the late 19th century or the competitive election of 2000, political parties have played a vital role in the election process and outcome.

Over time new opinions and views have formed by the public and have affected the lawmaking role of Congress. Prohibition to Obamacare, parties have represented the public and their opinions. As we review and revise the American political system’s performance we can come to the conclusion that it performs adequately in today’s society. The citizens of United States seem to overly bash the nation’s political system. They are either mediocrely happy with its performance or very upset.

Why is there so much conflict among our system? The answer is not deliberate but it is rather obvious. People get easily upset with our political systems for many reasons. Mainly, most Americans do not feel closely involved in their government and they believe that their vote does not matter. Another major reason that our political system does not perform to appeal Americans is because of the rising number of extremists from both sides. Right-wings and left-wings are constantly being pushed by activists and small interest groups in various directions. The people of the United States can no longer be moderates. You are either pro-this or pro-that, no discussion needed. People of the United States should be able to clearly state their opinion without having to be questioned on it.

It seems as if every single issue today arises in a fight or debate. It occurs everywhere, from the national stage to most households that are divided nowadays. Just like religious tolerance needs to be active in society, so does party tolerance. When we evaluate how well the political system performs in the United States, our group came to the conclusion that the political system is to worried about identifying voters with their party and constantly seeking reelection that they are not necessarily focused on the future of the country and that is a problem. With that in mind, the political system’s performance is not one that we can completely bash though. It is doing what is necessary to maintain incumbency in government.

Political performance has and always will cause many Americans to become upset and overwhelmed with our Government. Not only does the political performance of politicians affect voters, interest groups, and lobbyists; it also effects the direction of our nation. Members and followers of political parties often rate our governments political performance as good or bad, there seems to be no in between. And often times we blame the passage or non-passage of legislature on our government or on the opposing political parties. The opposition between political parties of today and the quality of performance seems very unlike the grand U.S. government. In order to look at the polarization of today’s parties, we must look at the development of the political parties of the United States of America and how parties of the past were able to perform.

The United States of America’s political parties have greatly changed since the late 18th century. There have been many different parties that have developed over time throughout our nation’s 236 years. Opposing parties have and always will face conflict among one another. Before our nation’s birth, the...
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