How We Grew so Big

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Overweight Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Phoebe Smith
Ms. Nancy Nulsen
English 1101-HP: Essay #5
3 December 2012
How We Grew So Big
How many Snicker bars are consumed daily in the United States? One would think the amount wouldn’t exceed over 10,000? Maybe even 100,00? Wrong. There are 1 million Snicker bars that are devoured in the United States daily. How many customers do you think McDonalds serves daily? The total is astonishing. Over 45 million people eat at McDonalds everyday. Not hundred or thousand but millions. These poor dietary choices have become America’s future. Over the years, obesity rates in the United States have shoot through the air. In this society, this condition is not considered doubtful. America has been facing the on-going issues about the excess body fat on almost over half the people in the country. “Approximately one-third of the American society is obese. Many variables likely have contributed to the rise of obesity in the United States, such as fast foods, low levels of exercise, smoking or drinking, and even technology can be tied into reasons of obesity” (Martin). So what exactly is Obesity? Obesity is affected in a person who has an excessive amount of body fat. “If an adult has a Body Mass Index of over 30 then they are considered to be obese” (Taubes 12). Multiple health problems such as heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes are often inked back to obesity. “Research shows that in the United States alone, obesity related illnesses claim over 850 lives everyday and over 300,000 each year” (Rose). Relieving obesity improves health outcomes but is not fully considered a stand-alone disease. “Scientists don’t agree on whether obesity is a disease, itself, although research is suggesting it may qualify” (English). From some perspectives, the condition is considered a psychological issue. A person cannot change their poor health decisions if they do not feel in their mind their choices are poor, which causes a person to constantly repeat the...
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