How We Develop Relationship Through Brands

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  • Published : June 11, 2009
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Susan Fournier, in Consumers and their brands: Developing relationship theory in consumer research, argues that consumers have relationships with brands. I agree with her conclusions to the extent that products and services with long established relationships with consumers are more apt to develop these relationships. I plan to support this statement through the analysis of the product categories selected for this case assignment. I selected Verizon and Disney because each share common needs to sustain their brand loyalty. I also referenced, an on-line service that provides reports on the Fortune 500 which provided some interesting facts regarding these companies's market status. Verizon as the second largest US telecommunications services provider (after AT&T). The company's wire line business provides local telephone, long-distance, and Internet access services to residential and small to midsized businesses in 28 states and Washington, DC. It has about 40 million voice access lines in operation and it serves about 8 million broadband Internet customers. Verizon's primary competitors are: AT&T, Qwest, and Sprint Nextel. The primary attributes of the products marketed by Verizon are that they offer products with expanded network capability. Other cell phone providers seem to market that their packages are less expensive to target those who just want a cell phone without the necessity for services beyond their local area. It is quite evident that Verizon has gone to great lengths to establish a network where they have enhanced capabilities to maintain this claim. Consumer Reports validates that Verizon offers a superior product with a standout for connectivity and marketing to emphasize a personal association with the customer through their expanded network. Product promotion reinforces their best asset. Additionally they have built value through effective marketing techniques as mentioned earlier and their marketing mix includes a target market that...
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