How We Date Today to How People Dated

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Time Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Compare how we date today to how people dated in your grandparents’ time.

Today, dating is different than dating in my grandparents’ days. In the past, more people dated to find the one and got marry. Women and men tried to find a more serious relationship than today. We do not plan to marry someone at my age. Today, people have been dating more for fun. Life is short. In addition, nowadays, there are dating sites that helps to meet people. In the past, people found someone only at school or somewhere close where they lived. In the past, people went to eat at restaurants like A & W or went at theater for a date. Today, people are dating at restaurants a little more trendy than the A & W. People will go see movies or go at clubs. One thing that hasn’t changed over time is that most of the boys pay at fisrt date. Also, today our society is more open. It means that people with different culture can date and it’s okay. In the past, a white cannot dated a black or someone with the same sex of you, because it was wrong. In addition, at the time of my grandparents, it was important especially for the rich to marry someone of their same social class. Now, it’s no longer really matter when you date. Also, today, I would say that most of the girl have to ask the boy if he wants to date because most of them are too shy. In my grandparents’ time, sex would came after the marriage. Now, we don’t have to be marry to have sex with someone. So, dating today and dating at the time of my grandparents are not the same because as we can see a lot have change.
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