How War Destroys People

Topics: Japan, Government of Japan, World War II Pages: 3 (1347 words) Published: February 22, 2011
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This Term we studied three texts all about war and how it affected people and the society. From these texts, I have gained more knowledge to how war can destroy people and a society in more ways then one. Gary Disher and Hiroshima by John Hersley (extract) call these three texts Paradise Road (film), The Divine Wind.

From studying the extract Hiroshima by John Hersley, I have gained Knowledge to how the war affected the people of Japan. This extract gave me an insight to human nature to see how such a complicated thing it is. It showed me that through the brutality, hatred and ignorance of war that if people have a little bit of hope they can get through it. This text talks about a Japanese woman called Hatsuyo Nakamura who was a survivor of the Atom bombs that were dropped on Japan during the war. Her story tells us how hard life had become for the Japanese during and after the war had finished. This shows us that the “enemy” was just as affected by the war as everyone else perhaps they were even worse of then the rest of us. Ms Nakamura was affected by the bomb in a bad way but others would consider her lucky cause she was not mutated from the bomb. It was a struggle for Ms Nakamura to work and provide for what was left of her family. She got so tired that she had to take two days of rest for every three days of work. If she were obliged for some reason to work for a whole week, she would need four days of rest. The Japanese government was no help to its people it did not supply any relief for those people affected by the bomb the government wanted nothing to do with the people affected by the bomb. Society was harsh on the People affected by the bomb. People who were affected by the bomb found it hard to get work as employers found them unreliable because they were prone to all sorts of aliments and diseases. It was said, “That unspeakable diseases might at any time plant nasty flowers inn the bodies of their victims, and even inn those of...
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