How Volkswagen Rebranded Itself

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Advertising -- The campaign was launched and advertised in one of the best possible ways, as a commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl; an annual phenomenon watched by over 106 million people. “The light-hearted commercial featured a variety of people in different driving situations gently slugging each other in the arm every time they spot a Volkswagen model and included cameo appearances by actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and singing legend Stevie Wonder” (Belch). This 30-second commercial was not only a great start to becoming nationally known, but a great advertising tactic in general. It did not emphasize on one sole model, but on several of their less popular makes as well. This was a powerful way to influence watchers by providing them with new information. Aside from television commercials, other ways in which they have marketed their brand includes outdoor, radio, and newspaper advertising. Sales promotion -- Quite effectively used by debuting the “Punch Dub” game online and on Facebook as well as a special sales event at dealerships nationwide. The online version of the game encourages people to virtually “slug” family and friends for a chance to win a weekly prize of a 6-month lease on select VW vehicles listed online and the grand prize of a new Volkswagen CC sedan. The more friends they punch, the better their chances of winning. The national sales event called “Punch Dub Days” included special offers on a variety of Volkswagen models. Publicity and public relations -- Are integrated when Volkswagen finds the creator of the original “punch dub” game, Charlie “Sluggy” Patterson and allows for consumers to interact with him through a special blog and via Twitter. They also publish articles and stories in local newspapers and television stations throughout the nation, as well as in BusinessWeek and the Wall Street Journal. Inter-active/internet media -- Utilized through the online version of the “punch dub” game as well as by creating ads throughout the...
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