How Volcanoes Came to Be

Topics: Zeus, Volcano, Vulcan Pages: 3 (1164 words) Published: January 28, 2013
How Volcanoes Came to be :

Hephaestus god of blacksmiths and fire wanted revenge on all the villages that used his gift of metallurgy for war and killing so he went up to Zeus to ask him for a way to devastate their population. Zeus thought for a while and decided to give him the deserted mountains on the others side of the valley and let him chose what he wanted to do with them. “I’d like to make them burst into an explosion of liquid fire.” he said “Ha ha ha” laughed the father god, “ thinking of that already, Good luck getting them to come. Their civilization is at its best and the villagers have no reason to go to the other side.” “I’ll find a way.” He answered not so sure about what he had just said.

He went to his workshop, sat down a while looking for a solution. Suddenly an idea came up to him, he could fertilize the soil around the volcano to attract farmers from the village. Other people would come and the whole village might move across the valley to the other side then he could strike. But the problem was, that the only way to fertilize the soil was if Demeter, the goddess of crops and harvest, did it herself and she probably wouldn’t agree to help Hephaestus. Once again, he sat down to think and he figured that if Demeter fell in love with him, she could help him. He had to use the magic girdle he made to make her fall in love with him. The next night he crept into his wife Aphrodite’s room and he tried pulling it off her neck but he forgot that he made it to be impossible to take off. Hephaestus got so mad he could have burned the whole palace. “But wait” he whispered to himself. “Since I made it once, I can make another one” so he started building one. He worked all night until he remembered he needed a sacred pearl from the temple of scull creek…

Once at the temple he searched all over for the pearl but he had no idea were it was. It had been given to him as a gift from a mortal blacksmith who now died of old age. He searched for about...
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