How Video Games Affect Kids

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Video Games and how they affect Kids
By James Olson
Right now as I type this there are probably millions of people playing video games. Out of the millions, most of them probably fall in the age category of 12-24 years old. Some people say that this group of people are the future leaders of our world. They think that the video games that they are playing are destroying that future. I think that they’re wrong. Video games are not the problem, it’s the amount of time spent on them that is the problem. These people try to blame video games for decreases in I.Q in kids, brainwashing kids in to killers, and other non-sense. But, while the facts they use to prove this is correct their conclusion is not. The problem is not the video games themselves, but the time spent on them.

There have been studies put out about how playing video games destroys brain cells in the people who play them. But, when you think about it, video games (with the exception of most first person shooters and sports games) require you to strategize, or solve complex puzzles. Thus, causing the player to learn. But, what about the other games without challenging puzzles and strategy you ask? Well it takes intelligence, good reaction times, and the ability to learn on the fly, to succeed in multiplayer games like Call of Duty. You have to be able to predict where the enemy will spawn by deciphering various different variables, such as teammate position, what flags your team has, and other factors. But, the main reason I believe that video games are useful to kids in school is the stress relief factor. Over the course of a school day students encounter stressful situations with teachers, and fellow students and difficult assignments that builds up negative energy. Playing video games is a good way to relieve stress while talking with your friends online. That way you can be ready to learn in school the next day.

While I believe that video games can be a great thing, I also believe that they can...
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