How Ventilation Affect Our Performace in Class

Topics: Philippines, Poverty, Education Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Education is one of the basic needs of a person to have, a essential right that is written in the Philippine Constitution and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Education is a life long process that began from the moment our parents thought us how to utter words, to read, count and write from the time we first took our first step to our school- to the society and ends just after we enter our grave. Education for most of us is the tool that can broke the inherited like cycle of poverty and a key to achieve one’s happiness and dream.

To achieve a good education that can be applied in the harsh realities of life, one’s need to focus and concentrate . Focus and concentration greatly affect the things a student learns. For this reason we must find and eradicate the things that causes discomfort to the students. And one of which is the inadequate or poor supply of ventilation that in some part of CAYSMNHS seemed inadequate. For instance is the room of Four-Love students, students their complain for a high room temperature compared to other classrooms.

Slowly but surely is the motto of some teacher in CAYSMNHS. This means it is okey to teach lesson in slow pace so that no students will be left behind before moving on to another lesson. But physical and mental discomfort caused by heat and high room temperature cause some students not to understand the lesson and perform poorly in classroom activities, thus not having the good quality of education we want and ordained by the constitution.

For thousands of years man had controlled ventilation for his own good and comfort whether it maybe natural or mechanical ventilation. Our ancestor designed and built their houses or most commonly known as “bahay kubo”, in consideration of the hot and humid climate of our country. They used nipa leaves for the roof, built big windows and elevate their houses from the ground or silong for air to easily enter and pass through the house. Dr. Jose Rizal our national hero...
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