How User Fees Would Alter the National Airspace System

Topics: Air traffic control, Aviator, Tax Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: March 3, 2013
How User Fees would alter the National Airspace System
Congress and the president have made plans to resolve the national debt in America. There are many ideas and plans to cut the spending and cut payroll and raise taxes, however one of the plans is too throw in a user fee to aviation pilots for example flying through controlled airspace. Adding user fees to enter controlled airspace would supplement more negative outcome than positive. It would have both short term and long term effects on the commercial and private flying. These user fee prices would accumulate, causing price differences and major cut backs. Student piloting can cost a fortune with all the lessons, books, rental fees, and licenses you have to build up to be a private pilot. Enforcing new laws, by adding a user fee to enter controlled airspace would bring up the cost of flying on the student pilot. If the rise of cost outweighs the potential earnings for a student pilot, there will be a substantial decrease of pilots and aviation instructors in the future. Small businesses such as flight schools would be hit hardest. They would suffer from the extra one hundred dollar standard fee that would be put in to place. In an economy such as ours, it would be very stupid to put that on struggling companies. In the long run they would try to find loop holes and anything necessary to save money to keep their business afloat; which could mean giving student pilots their commercial license before they earn it. Commercial industries wouldn’t be hit hard until the fees started adding up. After awhile, they would cram more people into one plane, just trying to save extra earning so they could accumulate what their past earnings were. The price per seat would increase greatly and customers would be outraged. Commercial pilots that don’t have the years of training or skill would be hired just because of cheaper wages. Loop holes would build on top of each other causing major safety concerns to the aviation...
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