How Urbanism Influence Our Lifestyle

Topics: City, Sociology, Urban culture Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: April 23, 2013
How Urbanism Influence Our Lifestyle
Everyday walking in the street, many tall and magnificent buildings, galloping cars, and hurries will come into our eyes. How wonderful world it is! We can go from one city to another with only few hours. We do not need to contact our friends by visiting them while we can just make a phone call or chat on the Internet. Although urbanism really enhances our quality of life, it also brings some psychological and sociological problem to the community.

Louis Wirth, a sociologist from the “Chicago school” tradition mentioned in Population and Urbanization, “Despite the preponderant significance of the city in our civilization, our knowledge of the nature of urbanism and the process of urbanization is meager, notwithstanding many attempts to isolate the distinguishing characteristics of urban life. “ People living in city can be more untrusted, selfish, materialistic and lonely.

Let me take me as an example. I was born in a small town and living in their till I was 8 years old. I still remember there were just hundred of families living in that town. People were familiar with each other by sharing food and chatting together. When my parents went to work and nobody took care of me, my neighbor would come to look after me. With this sparse density of settlement, people in our town get full mutual acquaintanceship. Essentially, there are many differences between urban and rural, which the city is characterized by secondary rather than primary contacts while the rural is by primary contacts. People in city do not need to contact each other by face to face, which led their relationship to superficial and segmental.

On the one hand, although people living in city have close physical contacts due to the great density, their social contacts are distant. Nowadays, even two friends sitting together, they used to play with their own smartphone. More strangely, some people chat with his or her friends on the Internet while they...
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