How Urban Legends Work

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How Urban Legends Work

In this essay the author Tom Harris tells us how urban legends effects us on how we live, the stories that are told can either give us a lesson to be learned or it gives us a warning, some stories can be horrific as in the story about the traveling sales man who met a women in Las Vegas and had a few too many drinks and had be drugged and had his kidney removed by a body organ harvesting gang and woke up in a bathroom tube covered in ice and a note to call for help before he dies. And that horrific story when the public caught on to it, got wide spread attention from the media and the local news warning travelers about it.

And another urban legend the author spoke about a mentally ill patient with a hook for a hand escaping from a mental institution and was stalking a young couple sitting in a car in a remote area of town and the young women having the sense that something wasn't going right and hearing a noise outside the car and wanting to leave the area urging her boyfriend to drive away right before the hooked hand man could get to them and him leaving his bloody hand on the door handle. This legend goes back decades since the nineteen fifties and has been passed down through the generations about this urban legend. Some urban legends has been so popular that they capture our curiosity about them, mostly the person who is telling the urban legend is someone a person can trust, the details they give are so real and are so believable they can be tricked into believing them.

Urban legends has been around society for years even decades some stories has gone on for generations. And now a days urban legends has grown from being passed on by word of mouth to a new form of technology, the internet which the author mentions in his essay as a newly evolved way to pass around urban legends through people's email and Internet blogs. Human nature will always continue to pass on urban legends, like a real life form, they will...
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