How to Write a Vce Exploration Proposal

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  • Published : June 6, 2011
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How to exploration proposal
The VCE Studio Arts Study Design clearly defines the key knowledge and skills for the individual exploration proposal. You must include all of the key knowledge and skills when developing your individual exploration proposal. These include: Conceptual possibilities (including an explanation of the ideas to be explored) An explanation of the focus(theme) and subject matter to be explored The art form(s) to be explored

The sources of inspiration to be investigated, analysed and interpreted in relation to your individual ideas The aesthetic qualities (elements, principles, mood) to be explored in relation to your own ideas The materials and techniques to be explored and how these support the communication of ideas An explanation of specific materials and techniques that have been used (including any specific constraints) The inclusion of a plan (tasks and deadlines)

Use of appropriate art language and terminology

Above is an exploration proposal checklist and an example of an A+ exploration proposal from last year.

Conceptual possibilities and ideas to be explored
In this criterion, you are required to develop and explore a range of ideas and concepts that relate to your theme.

Below is an example from Studio Arts student, Mireille Stahle Conceptually there are many different paths that I would like to explore in relation to insects, as they relate to us in so many ways. When I encounter an insect, I see them as a complete set of moving layers, interconnecting and moving over each other. I hope to explore the psychological and physiological responses that humans encounter when they are faced with an insect such as Dynastes Hercules....

...... It would be fascinating to explore the way that insects have influenced our day to day life. I am also interested in exploring the many patterns and layers of shell on an insects exoskeleton. I would also like to explore the concept of rebirth that comes with adaptation and exposure to harsh habitats and experiences.

Explain the focus and subject matter to be explored
Subject matter is defined as the subject of an artwork and the objects contained within the artwork. The choice of subject matter can be a theme, a topic or a concept. Subject matter can cover a vast range of ideas. Some examples include still-life, portraiture, landscape and the human figure. There are many possibilities for you to consider when deciding the subject matter for your design process. You are encouraged to research artists by visiting galleries, reading art journals/magazines (including A2 in saturdays The Age newspaper) and viewing various art programs, such as Artscape (ABC) to engage with contemporary thinking and practice. Example below

My focus and subject matter throughout the design process will be based on my immediate environment. I plan to focus on where I live, St Kilda. I always have had a connection with the environment. Throughout the design process, I will focus on the urban landscape, architecture and the people of St Kilda.

The art form(s) to be explored
The choice of art form(s) needs to be clearly defined in this criterion. Art forms include painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, photography, multimedia, textiles and ceramics. Identify why you have chosen this art form. Link your art form to your intent and theme, mention its ability to enhance aesthetic qualities (such as tone, texture, time). What are the special properties of your art form- For sculpture this may be form and volume....

For glass it could be fragility, strength and transparency.

Below is an example from Morgan Koegel
The choice to work in film and photography was obvious to me. After studying Media as a Unit 3/4 last year, I was inspired to continue with this art form in Studio Arts. I feel that I have the resounding knowledge and filmmaking skills to epxlore my ideas fully. The decision to explore my theme through photography stems...
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