How to Write a Statement of Purpose

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  • Published : October 15, 2011
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Statement Of Purpose

I have enrolled myself for a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (a.k.a. MBA) at XIMB because I want an understanding of other facets of commerce than my core fields of expertise. I am planning to undertake courses in the fields of Marketing (mainly product related not service oriented) and Operations (logistics, systems and warehousing). I understand that being from a core finance background many of my peers would question my decision to move into a field considered less lucrative and not as glamorous. But I need a general management and also function diversified education if I have to achieve any degree of success at the task that I have set for myself. My family has always valued individuality and has inculcated a sense of independence in me. I have been fortunate enough to have been given the freedom to experiment and then take decisions on my life. My Father is a second generation entrepreneur who diversified his company from a trading organisation to a consumer durable distributor. When I was sixteen I was given the opportunity to work for LG electronics as a salesman. Though I hated a job at the time it led to major personality changes. Over the years I have worked with my family, in television production, managed eateries and discotheques, been employed to raise funds for REITs and complex investment plans, designed textbooks and lastly as a treasury consultant. Though I enjoyed all my roles and each was fulfilling in its own way I was most at home while selling electronics as a salesman with LG and later while working on the counters of my father’s dealers. After having explored the various options I have realized that my efforts would be most effective at aiding my father in his business. I’d like to develop his organisation from a purely sales based company into a complete logistics, warehousing and marketing solutions provider for any product manufacturer. I see the need for an end to end logistics and warehousing...
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