How to Write a Social Development Checklist

Topics: Sentence, Question, Girl Pages: 5 (1388 words) Published: July 9, 2011
Social Development Checklist for 3 -5 year old children
(taken from: A Teacher’s Guide to Using The Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum Assessment System LISTENING AND SPEAKING (Lemisha Moss)
1. Hears and discriminates the sounds of language
Forerunner examples:Checkpoint dates
A. Plays with words, sounds, and rhymes| | 05/23/2011| | B. Recognizes and invents rhymes and repetitive phrases, notices words that begin the same way| | 05/23/2011| | C. Hears and repeats separate sounds in words; plays with sounds to create new words| 05/22/1011| 05/23/2011| | * Little boy in checker board jump suit ( 3 years old) Imitates adults and playmates, when teacher says a word the little boy repeats it and if he does not say the word right she says the word slower and uses the sounds of the letter so the little boy can say the word correctly, and he repeats the word as she says it. * Little girl in the pink dress (5 years old) can plays with words and sounds. The teacher goes over some words that they were working on last week and she tell them some words that rhymes with them. The teacher says the word and the little girl is calling out a word that rhymes with bat she says cat. The little girl is swinging her hand around in the air so the teacher will notice her.

2. Expresses self using words and expanded sentences
Forerunner examples:Checkpoint dates
A. Uses simple sentences (3 -4 words) to express wants and needs| 05/22/2011| | | B. Uses longer sentences (5-6) words to communicate| | 05/23/2011| | C. Uses more complex sentences to express feelings and ideas| 05/22/2011| | | * Little boy in the checker board jump suit ask the teacher for some juice using four words in a sentence very clearly. He also uses three words in a sentence telling the teacher he has to use the bathroom. He uses longer sentences when he was expressing himself saying his foot hurt and showing the foot that hurt to the teacher. He expresses his -self with affection and openly. * The little girl uses five or more words throughout the day to communicate with the teacher and her friends.

3. Understands and follows oral directions
Forerunner examples:Checkpoint dates
A. Follows one step directions| 05/22/2011| | |
B. Follows two-step directions| | | |
C. Follows directions with more than two steps| | 05/23/2011| | * The little boy can follow one step directions he can take turns in games, understands concept of "mine" and "his/hers". When the teacher explains how they were going to color the tree on the paper the little boy understood and he followed the directions. She told him you color the leaves green and he picked up the green crayon and colored the leaves green. * The little girl is able to follow directions with more than two steps. The teacher explained to the children that she wanted them to put up their work and clean off the table then line up and the little girl was able to follow these steps. The little girl is also telling another child to go back and clean off his table because he didn’t clean his off.

4. Answers questions
Forerunner examples:Checkpoint dates
A. Answers simple questions with one or two words| 05/22/2011| | | B. Answers questions with a complete thought| | | |
C. Answers questions with detail| | 05/23/2011| |
When asked a question the little boy was able to answer the question clearly. The teacher asked him if he would like water of juice and he answered he wanted juice. He continues to say it over and over until the teacher tells him she hears him and gives him the juice. He then says thank you.

The little girl did not come right back to the classroom when the teacher let her go to the bathroom. When the little girl came back the teacher asked her where have she been. The little girl explains her self saying that she went to the...
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