How to Write a Report for Orientation

Topics: Management, Introduction, Teamwork Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: September 14, 2010
Format for report on ORIENTATION PROGRAM


OBJECTIVE – To come to a consensus as to which activities to choose from, the values we want to impart, and also to be of such kind which ensures participation from everyone i.e. all the mentors as well as the mentees, also keeping time constraints in mind.

PROCESS – Brainstorming for various ideas, discussing it, mock playing to recheck if it works. Giving various responsibilities to different people & follow up.

The program (Mentoring Matters) was divided into 3 parts:
Introduction (presentation on teamwork) by Rancy and introduction of mentors through rap song by Jolene, Melissa and Rancy. •Activity (1- Icebreaker with jingle, 2- communication game, 3- team building activity) •Conclusion ( interaction and feedback) by Ackroyd and Yogja

LEARNINGS – Planning and organizing skills, Team work and coordination, leadership skills, communication skills.


OBJECTIVE – To have a formal introduction of the mentoring sessions. To ensure that the students interact with each other and get to know as many people as possible.

The introduction started off with a brief presentation on teamwork (The story about flight of the geese) and then the mentors introduced themselves with a rap song backed by a ppt. There were three activities in all, each giving out a different message and in order to ensure that the mentees get to know each other well and have enough scope for interaction, for each activity, they were shuffled into different groups (5 groups with 10-12 mentees in each) using different strategies. oIn the first activity, each group had to come up with a jingle or a song to introduce themselves, and the jingle would have to include each group members name. The objective of this activity was to ensure that they get to know each other, at least their names. oThe second activity was a...
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