How to Write a Poem About Lacrosse

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The general purpose of this speech is to demonstrate. The specific purpose is to show how to shoot a lacrosse ball, catch a lacrosse ball and cradle the lacrosse ball. I am going to show you the proper way to shoot the ball, the right way to catch the ball and the correct way cradle the ball.

Everyone chill-lax, i’m going to tell you about lax. I am the best person to give this speech because I have played lacrosse almost all my life and I am very good at it. This demonstration will be useful to you because if you ever want to try lacrosse, you will know some of the basics.

The first part of lacrosse I am going to tell you about is how to shoot the ball. There are three main points on how to shoot the lax ball. The first is to keep your elbows and hands out and away because you can get more power on the ball. Also it helps you aim the ball more precisely and hit the corners of the goal. Second is to take a big drop step and twist your hips is to create more power on your shoot. Lastly you need to follow through your swing. It’s just like in basketball and how you need yo follow through on your shoot or in soccer and how you need to follow through on your kick. Another part important part of lax is how to catch the ball because if you can’t catch the ball you can’t really score. The most important part of catching the ball is keeping your hands in front of your body. If you do this you can catch the ball from almost anywhere. How you actually receive the ball is another crucial technique. When the ball is going into your stick, you need to bring the stick towards you so the ball won’t pop out. If you just keep your stick out there the ball will hit your mesh and fly out of your head. The last thing I am going to tell you about is how to cradle the ball. If you cannot cradle the ball, when you are trying to move down the field, you will get the ball knocked out and taking away. A way to not let that happen is to bring your stick up strongly...
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