How to Write a Persusive Speech

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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a. Your speech must be about a topic you could reasonably persuade someone on in about 5 minutes. (subject to teacher approval) b. No extreme topics (i.e., abortion, gay marriage, religion, etc.) 2. OUTLINE:

a. You will first prepare a written outline using the template provided. b. You need to use print (books, magazines, and encyclopedias) and online Library resources (ProQuest, SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Knowledge Source, and other sites as approved; Avoid Google and Wikipedia). c. In your outline, you need to cite the author/source, date, and provide factual content information from each of your six (6) sources. Your progress will be checked each class day. i. See outline for options on Call to Action

d. After locating your sources, you need develop a well-structured and audience-appropriate introduction and conclusion. 3. NOTE CARDS:
a. After completing your outline, you will transfer key terms and sources/dates to a note card for you to deliver your speech. b. Maximum of two (2) 3”x5”note cards; blank side only (or 1 notecard front/back). Deduction made for any other notes used. c. Requirements: About 50 words per note card permitted. One side only. Must use a Roman Numeral Outline format. Be sure to include all source citation information. d. Turn in cards used after you have finished delivering the speech. 4. TIME:

a. Time Requirement: The speech must be 4 to 6 minutes in length. b. Penalty Points: For every 15 seconds you are under time, you will be docked 5 points. You will need to stop you at 6:30. c. Set up: 3 minutes maximum set up between speeches. Penalty points will be assessed for going over time. 5. VISUAL AID:

a. Must have one (1) visual aid incorporated into your speech. b. Use one of the following to satisfy the visual aid requirement...
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