How to Write a Paper Two Hours Before It's Due

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Do you ever find yourself cramming during the last few hours before an important exam or assignment? Perhaps you’re suffering from a mild case of arthritis from researching the internet or typing nonsense without a clear thought? Well, in this process essay I’m about to write, I would like to give you some key points in writing an efficient essay in a short period of time. Please take notice when reading the essay that I am taking my own advice while writing this. I also ask that you have the essential tools before prepping for your paper. First and foremost, I want to make it clear that a good paper often takes longer than two hours. In fact, as we all know, many papers take days to complete. However life doesn’t always give you enough time for everything. With that being said, let us continue. The first step in writing a decent two-hour paper is to make sure that you are alert and focused. I find that a venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks does the trick for me. Perhaps that is not your cup of tea, but I’m sure everybody has their favorite caffeinated beverage. Also, a pen and paper to track your thoughts will come in handy. Find a quiet place to concentrate, such as a library or a study room. This will eliminate any noise or temptation to do anything else besides your paper. Try to minimize all distractions as you are given a limited amount of time, not talent. Second, you want to pick a topic of choice for your paper. Know it-and know it well! Be sure to write about something that you are familiar with. Remember, there is no time for you to do much research. The topic must be somewhat interesting to you and to the reader as well. Otherwise, your reader will lose interest and the time you spent writing your work will be time worth wasted. In my case, I found myself at many deadlines with my own papers. Due to this, I find that writing a paper on writing papers in short amounts of time is a good...
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