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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Tyler Williams 1919 world series
Mrs. Smith English 11CB
Multi-Genre Research Paper
For this project, you will select a topic of your choice that explores a facet of the 1920’s. Your goal is to gain a comprehensive perspective of your topic and analyze how this historical event, figure, trend, or invention helped to define the spirit of the 1920’s. After completing the expository study of your topic, we will read The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald; you will then continue your study of your topic as it relates to this Great American Novel in the form a multi-genre project.

What is a multi-genre paper? A multi-genre paper combines traditional research skills while also allowing for exploration of the topic through a variety of genres. While you will still complete a traditional research topic, the goal is to broaden your understanding of the topic by engaging your study of the topic on multiple levels. Your expository study will serve to enhance your understanding of The Great Gatsby while allowing you some creative expression fitting of the era.

Part I: Research Component (Dates)
You will choose your own research topic to research; however, it must be related to the 1920’s and The Great Gatsby. You must use a minimum of four sources, one of which must be a print source. All four sources must be incorporated in your research paper and correctly listed on a Works Cited Page using 2009 MLA format (see the Library homepage for help with MLA requirements).

Your research goal is to create a three to four page expository document containing a minimum of 5 in-text citations. Your focus is to create a historical perspective of your topic and analyze its role in defining the spirit of the 1920’s.

We will spend class time working on this component during which time we will review research process and MLA guidelines through mini-lessons; conduct research in the library; plan, write, and revise the expository research piece. If you...
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