How to Write a Newspaper Article

Topics: Death, Police, Criminal Investigation Department Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Peter Walker
Last saturday morning emergency crews were called to the shore of Montredon for 2 dead bodies were found there. Oliver from th authorities confirmed that 2 children were found dead on saturday in the beach. Police said that the children was pronounced dead at the scene, but authorities provided little information about how long the body had been in the Montredon before being discovered. The investigation into the dead is being handled by detectives with the police department, Mr.Herald detective said. It was thought that the bodies of the children were from a nearby island which is called the Gauen. Last saturday a life guard from the webster company discovered the bodies on saturday and alerted the authorities. Then the police and the detectives came to Montredon and started investigating people. Taylor the life guard states that "I saw the bodies floating near the shore of Montredon (Mediterean sea). So it means the bodies have been there for a long time since, they were floating. I rescued both of them and came to the shore and informed the authorities immediately". Mr. Ferdinando psychologist from St Thomas hospital London warns that the childs death will affect their family a lot. Ms.Garcia the head teacher of Kingston grammer school in London states that "20 choir children are missing, who were travelling to Paris for a concert". Mr.Herald the detective "we are trying to find where the childrens are from and will inform the media as soon as possible". The death of the children does this relate to the 20 choir childrens missing in London?
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