How to Write a Legislative Bill

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How to Write a Legislative Bill
Have you ever had the urge to want to change someone’s perspective? Did you ever think you could make a difference? Were you aware that even students between the ages of eleven to twenty create bills that can become laws? According to the 2012 Youth in Government Student Manuel, more than 100 current West Virginia laws were first considered in the Youth in Government (YG) program. So, how are bills created? Step 1- Choose a bill topic. The most important part of writing a Legislative bill is choosing a comfortable topic that you can relate to or make your own, as well as making it personal or influential to others too. Step 2- Search for a topic that will improve the state. Be creative and original; do not repeatedly write a bill someone else has already tried and failed in the previous years.

Step 3- Prepare a preliminary draft of the bill.
A. Search the library and internet for resources and materials to support your bill. Seek out authorities and ask their views and opinions of your bill. Authorities can include representatives from Public Health, Education, Government, Law Enforcement, Economic Development, Business, Labor, Community Organizations, and Faith Groups, Etc. B. Weigh your proposed bill against the Constitution, using both State and Federal standards and consult with practiced law professionals, such as a lawyer or judge.

C. State-oriented legislation must be within the constitutional authority of the State Government… not Federal Government. D. Select a section of the state code where your proposed bill “fits.” Cite or (write) that section number in the Preamble of your bill. Step 4- Ask peers or others to critique the bill to highlight arguments both for and against, as well as make suggestions for improvement. Step 5- Draft your bill in its correct format. Bills are typed as received, so make sure there are no grammatical errors; check your spelling, sentence structure, and code citations...
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