How to Write a Cover Letter

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Angela Cusumano

November 28, 2010
Portfolio Review Committee
University of Illinois at Chicago
601 South Morgan Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Dear Portfolio Review Committee,

My first semester here at UIC I was obligated to take English 160. I can honestly say I thought I would be easily passing this course. I was used to the 5 paragraph essay in high school and assumed that things would be the same in college. After writing my first project for English 160 I felt invincible until I received my graded paper. I had no idea what I had done wrong because I had done so well in high school English. Finally I realized that I had to pick one theme for an entire paper and elaborate on it completely. Even though it took some time I felt more comfortable with this new writing style. I might not have taken huge leaps of progress but, I know that I have progressed over the course of the semester. I have learned that genre, language, situation and consequence are vital when writing a college essay. This class has taught me a lot; things finally started clicking and I was able to apply what I learned in my writing. I learned that a person must always stick to the genre of their paper and remember their audience. When the audience is recognized there is a certain language that is appropriate for the situation. When this is accurately executed the consequence will be one that is positive. I feel as if I have grasped this concept and I am ready to learn more. Even though this course was tough for me I can see the progress through in my writing. Before this class I disliked English, but the challenge has made English much more enjoyable for me. I believe that I am ready to move on to English 161. With the foundation that English 160 has helped me build I am excited to see what I will be able to accomplish in my writing career in the future. I am confident that I will succeed in this following course. My portfolio will show you that I am ready to move on and...
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