How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

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  • Published : June 14, 2008
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To write an effective compare and contrast essay you will need the following an introduction, two topics and a conclusion.

An introduction is when you lead the reader into the topics you are discussing and should be a generalized statement. This will also be the first paragraph of you paper. The second paragraph will be about your first topic and only the first topic. The third paragraph will be about the second topic and again only the second topic. The fourth paragraph will be about both topics and how they either compare or contrast. The fifth and final paragraph will be the conclusion. The conclusion is similar to the introduction and should show the reader knowledgeable you are on the topics you stated (Bookrags, 1999).

You as the writer will also need to do your research on the topics your writing about. There are many ways to research a product or service. You can use the internet, local paper just to name a few. Or ask the clients for a full description of the product or service they are selling and the demographic there trying to reach. This will give you good insight on the type of advertisement you should use.

Some challenges you may come across in writing a compare and contrast essay are. Not finding the information needed to write a good description of the topic you’re trying to write about. Not enough time to write the essay correctly. For example having a client who needs your constant attention diverting your attention from the compare and contrast essay. If you follow these instructions you will be able to write a good compare and contrast essay for the client whom you’re representing.

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