How to Write a Business Letter

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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Writing a business letter can be extremely useful and are needed in any business. Knowing the proper way to write a business brings good business. Proper business letters often give a positive reflection on the business and an individual. Every business requires communication. Letters extend the exchange of information to clarify, discuss, announce or confirm. Communications include seeking employment, reporting a complaint, promoting, or any other correspondences in business. Business letters are an essential tool in the field of business.

So, how do we begin? Business letters always start with your own address. This, of course, includes the city, state, and zip code and is called the heading or outside address. The date line always comes after the heading. The date should never be listed by the months’ numbers and nothing should be abbreviated. The inside address comes next but right after 4-7 enter spaces. Those spaces will depend on the length of your letter. If the letter is short, then the area will need more spacing. The inside address is to whom you will send the letter. This must include their name and address. Two enter spaces follow. The salutation is next. It must always contain “Dear” and a colon (:).

The body is the most important. After the salutation, two enter spaces are needed. The first paragraph talks about the situation. It introduces the message by stating the purpose. It also answers the question “Why?” The following paragraph in the body is the explanation. This presents all the information and ideas. It usually answers the question “What is it about?” The third paragraph is the action. It focuses more on the outcomes. It also states what you want the reader to do.

Finally, the closing is next but you need enter spaces between the third paragraph and the closing. The complimentary closing then follows. This is usually “Sincerely,”. The comma is always necessary. Then, four enter spaces are needed. The signature line comes right...
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