How to Write Survey Report?

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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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A survey report is a formal piece of writing based on research.

I Structure:

State the purpose/aim of the report, when and how the information was gathered.
Main Body
All the information collected and analysed is presented clearly and in detail (break down the respondents into groups according to sex, age and place of residence, state the main differences between groups). Subheadings, numbers or letters can be used to separate each piece of information.

Sum up the points mentioned above. If necessary a recommendation can be included as well (one way of summing up is making some general comments).

II Useful hints and phrases:
Present Tenses, Reported Speech and an impersonal style should be used in survey reports. Use a variety of reporting verbs such as claim, state, report, agree, complain, suggest, etc.

When reporting the results of a survey, the figures gathered should be given in the form of percentages and proportions. Expressions such as “one in four” or “six out of ten” can be used, or exact percentages e.g. 25% of the people questioned, 68% of those who filled in the questionnaire, etc. Less exact expressions such as: the majority of those questioned, a large proportion of, a significant number of, etc. can also be used.

III Useful language for reports:

To introduce: The purpose/aim of this report, As requested, This survey was carried out/ conducted by means of…,the questionnaire consisted of etc. To generalize: In general, generally, on the whole, etc.

To refer to a fact: The fact is that…, In fact, In practice, etc. To conclude/ summarise: In conclusion, All things considered, To sum up, All in all, It is not easy to reach any definite conclusions, If any conclusions may be drawn from the data, It is clear that, The survey shows/indicates/demonstrates, etc.

IV A Sample Survey Report

Survey of Academic and General Reading in English
On 8th...
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