How to Write Effective Communications

Topics: Communication, Message, Information overload Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Emails have become the most important communication medium in our industry – 90% of all our communications are now over emails. Emails can be an extremely effective communication tool because they are quicker than verbal conversations and reduce communication gaps. Yet most of us pay scant attention to how well we communicate our messages via emails.

I thus want to share five basic principles you can follow to improve your emails:

1. Be clear, concise and cohesive.
Avoid using long, compounded sentences that confuse the reader and lose attention. Brevity is your best friend.

2. Use an appropriate subject line
The subject line must communicate the broad message of your email. Used well, the subject will give the reader critical context required to interpret your actual message.

3. Follow a logical structure
Follow the following structure to logically walk the recipient thru your message:

• Use the first paragraph to explain the relevance and purpose of your email to the recipient.

• The next paragraphs should contain the body of your message.

• The concluding paragraph should detail the action the reader needs to take.

4. Make your communications proactive
Anticipate the obvious follow up questions your recipient could ask. Try to cover the answers to these in your first email. This will help reduce back-and-forth communications and, email overload.

5. Always re-read your emails before sending
Re-read your emails to ensure you correct grammatical and structural errors. You may only have one chance to send your email, so make sure it communicates your message the way you intend it.

Use the above principles to make your communications more powerful and effective. A well-written communication compels the recipient to act on your email instead of parking it at the bottom of the email pile.
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