How to Write an Exemplification Paragraph

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Develop a topic sentence. The topic sentence is what the paragraph is about. A topic sentence usually is the first sentence of a paragraph, but using inverted paragraph order, the topic sentence may come at the end of the paragraph. The topic sentence of an exemplification paragraph makes a statement. For instance, "Drinking water is good for your health." This statement could be considered a matter of fact or a matter of opinion. Convincing examples will make it a matter of fact.

Provide examples to back up your statement and help your reader understand why your statement is true. Examples may be facts or data. For example: "The body needs water to regulate temperature. If a person's body temperature is elevated too high, brain damage may occur."

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Provide stories or anecdotes to prove your claim, when applicable. For instance, "My uncle was stranded in a hot desert and did not have any water to drink for three days. He was becoming so thirsty he was beginning to have hallucinations. He thought he saw water, but it was only a mirage. He was desperate. Then he remembered that the saguaro cactus has a lot of water inside. He cut into the saguaro cactus and drank the liquid. When he was rescued, the doctor at the hospital told him that it was the water from the cactus that saved his life."

Use transitional words or phrases within your paragraph to create a nice bridge between sentences. Transition words before examples may be used. Words and phrases such as "one time," "for example," and "for instance," are commonly used to transition to an example.

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