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Writing Yr 12 Advanced Level Paragraphs in
Area of Study Essays:

a) Think.
b) Read the relevant section(s) of the text really carefully. c) Think again. Ask yourself: What ideas/points about Journeys/Change/Belonging etc. show up here? How can I tell from what has been written/presented? Look for possible quotes. d) Re-read the section(s) looking for techniques/forms/features/structures that support the point(s) about the focus for the Area of Study that come through it. e) THINK.

f) Start writing as follows:
1. Make a Statement that clearly tells the marker what ideas(s) about Imaginative/Imaginary Journeys you are presenting. 2. Present the supporting Evidence, including a summary of the section, quotes and/or other relevant details. 3. EXplain how/why this material proves the opening point, including identifying the relevant Techniques which affect the message. Make your evidence and analysis as DENSE/DETAILED as possible. 4. Further eXplain/Comment on the way the techniques reinforce the message. Try to suggest you are engaging with and thinking deeply as a result of the text. 5. CONNECT/LINK back to your original Statement in some way.

HERE IS ASAMPLE OF THE ABOVE. It deals with the idea of Journeys, and refers to a novel called “Ender’s Game”, but the format is applicable to any focus and text. A) Read it.
B) IDENTIFY the above elements – (NOTE: they may not be in exactly that order!) C) LEARN the PROCESS.
D) Do TWO more YOURSELF – following the model. – PRACTISE. E) CHECK them.
F) EDIT them as necessary.

One way humans go on imaginative journeys is through engaging in Role Plays like “Cops and Robbers”, Cowboys and Indians” and, in the case of Ender’s Game, “Buggers and Astronauts.” For children, these games should be healthy ways to experience aspects of the adult world, or fantasy worlds, but in the hands of bullies and victims, they can get out of hand. This is what...
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