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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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19. Discuss the subjects in which you excel or have excelled. To what factors do you attribute your success? I have always interest in Biology. Biology is interesting because it allows to understand the way of life, how our body functions, as well as other creatures, and how the Earth even came together. I feel very excel in this subject because I always have high proficient in this subject; also, mostly I looked up in the internet for more information about the topic. Recently my interest has been in Math; it is very interesting subject and I enjoy it. I use participate in class discussion. I relish solving math problems. Until my 11th grade I always thought AP classes are very hard and not for me; also, I was new comer in U.S. However, this year our counselor recommended me to take AP government. So I took it. Also, now I really enjoy the challenges in that class. Moreover, I am getting really good grades in that class.

The factors which attribute to my success are: my hard work and passion toward about education. One of my teachers said, “There is nothing impossible; if you want to achieve something then nobody can stop you.” These factors attribute to my success. 20. Discuss the subjects in which you had difficulty. What factors do you believe contributed to your difficulties? How have you dealt with them so they will not cause problems for you again? In which areas have you experienced improvement? What problem areas remain? In India, I had some difficulties in Math because I never took it serious. In India, I studied just because my parents wanted me to study. I didn’t have any motive in my life. About two and half year ago I came to United States; I figured that out why I study; I study for myself to fulfill my dreams and ambitions. Also, when I was newcomer my reading and writing skills were not so good. I studied hard, read books, practiced in writing. When I was new in U.S., I barely knew English. I was scared about everything that was happening in my life. I was scared about everything that was happening in my life because I didn’t really know English very much. Then I read many books and practiced very much in writings. So now my reading and writing skills are better than before. However, still now I feel like I need to keep reading more books to improve my reading skills. 21. Briefly describe a situation in which you felt that you or others were treated unfairly or were not given an opportunity you felt you deserved. Why do you think this happened? How did you respond? Did the situation improve as a result of your response?

About two and half years ago, I was in India. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to boys or go anywhere without my parents’ permission. They never wanted me to show that they discriminate with me and my brother, but sometimes I felt it. In India, Girls were expected to get married and do housework all day, so my culture often thought it was wasteful to give a girl an education. Also, my mom thought the same thing for me. I think this all happened because like a typical Indian mother my mom thought same thing for me. Later on, I moved to America with my parents. Here, I saw that women can do everything that men do. Women are empowered to be both wives and doctors, and they don't get excluded from classrooms or business meetings. Now, I convinced my parents to get higher education. Also, now it’s there dream too to see me getting higher education.

22. Discuss your short and long-term goals. Are some of them related? Which are priorities?
My short term goals are to pass senior project, get all A’s in my classes, graduate, participate in community service, apply and get accepted into a four year university, and apply for all the scholarships that I can.

My long term goals are to work hard in college, graduate from college and from pharmacist school with good scores and be a pharmacist.
My short term goals are related to my long-term goals which are graduating from college and...
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